India SME Leadership Council is instituted by SME Chamber of India and SME Business Management Institute to provide a platform to successful Entrepreneurs from Small & Medium industries and business sector to connect, establish business cooperation, explore emerging business opportunities, present unique & remarkable business achievements, contribution towards industrial, business growth and empowerment & strengthening existing and rising Enterprises to compete at Local and International market. The main objective of the Council is to establish the group of Entrepreneurs, who are looking for transformation of businesses into emerging enterprises and 10x business growth at National and International level. The enterprise who is having business turnover of Rs. 50 crore or above, will be entitled to enrol as the member of the Council.

This Council will integrate Entrepreneurs, policy makers, business tycoons, technocrats, thought leaders, CEOs of various corporates, MNCs, Financial Institutions, International Organisations & Diplomats, Dignitaries and Experts from various fields to support SMEs, Young & Women Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups to address, guide, mentor as well as support them to resolve, issues & problems and convert new ideas & concepts, innovation, invention into commercialization and execute unique business & investment proposals, promote new products and services to explore emerging businesses.

India SME Leadership Council has initiated groups of Entrepreneurs to accomplish the above objectives. The main chapter and Head Quarter will be at Mumbai and the Council will set up other chapters at Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Vadodara, Coimbatore, Chennai, Rajkot, Nagpur, Surat, Indore, Jaipur and Kolkata.


◉   Establish group of successful Entrepreneurs

◉   Guide and mentor potential SMEs for 10x growth

◉   Connect Entrepreneurs to establish new business partnership

◉   Development of Entrepreneurial leadership quality

◉   Exchange of knowledge, experience and success

◉   Empowering Young & Women Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

◉   Supporting Family Managed Businesses for better growth


◉   Preparing Entrepreneurs for better business growth

◉   Forming group for exploring emerging business opportunities

◉   Supporting for skill and scale development

◉   Support for wealth creation and wealth management

◉   Transforming SMEs into emerging enterprise / corporate

◉   Supporting SMEs for global footprint

◉   Setting up SME family office

◉   Strengthening struggling SMEs for better growth & profitability

◉   Recognizing remarkable achievements and contribution

◉   Establishing group for joint marketing and promotion

◉   Setting up fund for business growth and expansion

◉   Channelizing finance, ECB, private equity and investment

◉   Support and guidance for innovation and invention

◉   Assistance for International collaborations and joint ventures

◉   Establishing group of family managed businesses


◉   Monthly networking meetings at Mumbai and various chapters

◉   Sharing views, achievements and experience at SMETalks Shows

◉   Exchange of business leads, referrals, inquiries, business ideas and new concepts

◉   Networking dinner and cocktails

◉   Organise regularly “India SME Leadership Summit / Round Table Meets”

◉   Establishment of experts group and committees

◉   Special publication on “Rising SMEs of India”

◉   Review of various Government policies and regulations

◉   Interaction with tycoons, industrialist & CEOs of corporates

◉   Interface with policy makers and Government officials

◉   Motivation and mentoring session

◉   Executive training program for improvement of skill & scale

◉   Round table discussion on current affairs, issues, technology and invention

◉   Factory and project visits – National & International

◉   Conference, Seminars and Webinars

◉   Interviews on TV business channels and leading newspapers

◉   Publishing achievements in SMEConnect magazine

◉   Formulating valuable suggestions for policy change & implementation

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