National Advisory Board will provide valuable inputs, suggestions and recommendations for organising various activities for enhancement of knowledge & skill of SMEs, Stat-Ups, Young & Women Entrepreneurs for better business growth. This Council will also review various issues, problems, hurdles, trends, difficulties and affecting policies & regulations of SME sector and will suggest Regulatory Authorities, Government Agencies, Financial Institutions and other Stake Holders to Change Policy, Implementation Strategy for smooth operation of SME sector. The members of Board will act as the Mentor and Philosopher to transform SMEs into emerging corporate.

The Board will also focus on exploring emerging business opportunities for SMEs related to export market, joint venture, technology transfer, contract manufacturing, tie-ups, distributorship, franchise, channelizing adequate & affordable bank finance, trade finance, foreign investment, international collaborations, procurement & supply to large corporate, Government PSUs, listing in SME Stock Exchange, new Entrepreneurship, empowerment of Young & Women Entrepreneurs, executive educational program for skill & scale development and various other activities & programs for the growth of SMEs.

The Board will regularly interact with Policy Makers, Heads of Regulatory Bodies, Government Officials, Heads of Government Agencies, Diplomats, Senior Executives of Corporate, MNCs, Financial Institutions, Rating Agencies, Media, Thought Leaders, Technocrats, Experts from IT, ICT, international trade, research & development, inventors, scientists, business tycoons, industrial & scientific experts, engineers, artificial intelligence, industrial automation, technology and other related sectors.

The Board will meet every quarter to review the activities, growth & hurdles of SME sector and will prepare action plan for improvement of capacities & capabilities of SME sector.

Role of Member of the Board

◉   To advise and support the activities of SME Chamber of India to accomplish objectives of the Chamber.

◉   To attend regularly Board Meetings and active involvement in various activities of the Chamber.

◉   To play important role for improvement of Entrepreneurial Leadership qualities.

◉   To be the Jury Member of India SME Excellence Awards.

◉   To share views and articles in SMEConnect Magazine.

◉   To share thoughts and suggestions on various Government policies.

◉   To represent SME Chamber of India at various platform at National & International Level.

◉   To participate in various activities of the Chamber as the Speaker, Moderator, Keynote Speaker and other activities.

◉   To attend various debate, round-table and interactive meetings on various Business TV Channels on behalf of SME Chamber of India.

◉   To be the part of Expert Committee or Sub-Committees.

◉   To share thoughts on current affairs or specific issues for various Business Newspapers & TV Channels.

◉   To encourage Entrepreneurs to become member of the Chamber to take advantage of the support services

◉   To recommend successful Entrepreneurs for India SME Excellence Awards.

◉   To recommend Corporate, MNCs, FIS and other Agencies to support Chamber’s activities as the Sponsors or Donors.

◉   To present various issues and problems of the SMEs and Industrial Sectors at appropriate Government Authorities and Agencies.

◉   The member will not be responsible for any legal or financial complications / obligations / implications of Chamber.

◉   The appointment of Advisory Board Member as per their expertise, knowledge, exemplary work & achievements in concerned sector and on Honorary basis

◉   The Chamber will not be responsible, if any member involved in legal or financial matters, complications or issues and problems of his own business or company or associations who he is representing at the Chamber’s Advisory Board or any personal issues and matters.

We invite suggestions and recommendations from members & SME sector related to Entrepreneurship, finance, banking services, industrial issues, policy, rules & regulations, international trade, power, labour, incentives & schemes, infrastructure, any other specific industry & business related issues and problems as well as recommendation to organise various unique and useful activities for strengthening SME sector on