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Silver Category
Micro Sector
(Turnover up to Rs. 5 cr)

Companies from Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering, Energy, Agro-Based Industries, Electronics, Electricals, Realty, Construction, Textiles & Garments, Metal & Mining, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Paper, Plastic, Printing, Glass, Infrastructure, Capital Goods, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Technology and allied manufacturing industries and Service Sector.

Companies from Exports, Imports, Education, IT, ICT, Fintech, Tourism, Sports, Retail, Distribution, Franchise, E-commerce, Logistics, Professional Services, Marketing, FMCG, Finance, Advertisement, Exhibitions, Property, Media, Financial, Private Equity, Venture Capital Funds, Research & Credit Rating Agencies, Hospitality, Furniture & Fixtures, Healthcare, Trading, Knowledge Based Industries and other Allied Service Industries & Business Sectors.

Start-Ups, Young & Women Entrepreneurs.

Senior Executives of SMEs, Corporates, MNCs, Banking, Insurance and Allied Service Industries & Business Sectors


Gold Category
Small Sector
(Turnover from Rs. 5 cr to Rs. 75 cr)


Platinum Category
Mid-Sized Sector
(Turnover from Rs. 75 cr to 250 cr)


Diamond Category
Corporate Sector
(Turnover over Rs. 250 cr and above)


Patron Membership
By Invitation

Business Tycoons, Thought Leaders, Senior Executives - MNCs, Corporate, SMEs, Experts, Education Institutes & Other Sectors & Individuals.


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For Indian Companies:

Sr No. Membership Category Who Can Apply for Membership ?



Small & Medium Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Buying or Selling Agents, Distributors, Suppliers, Service Providers, Consulting Companies, Professionals, Start-Ups, Individuals Entrepreneurs, Marketing & Exhibitions Organisers



Public Limited & Multinational Companies, Overseas Banks & Financial Institutions and International Business Organisations


Patron Membership
(By invitation)

Individual or senior executive of corporate / FIIs / MNCs / Trade Promotion organisations / Retired government official / Venture Capital or Private Equity Fund / Technocrats / Educationist


Associate Organisation

Chamber of Commerce, Associations, Government Agencies, NGOs and Other International Organisations


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For Overseas Companies:

Membership Category Who Can Apply for Membership ?


NBFCs, Investment Bankers, Financial Consultants, PE /VC Funds, Co-operative Banks, Assets Restructuring Companies, Rating Agencies, Credit Information Bureaus, Fintech Companies


Public Sector Banks / Nationalised Banks


Foreign Banks


Private Banks


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For Financial & Allied Institutions: